React for backend developers

Working with frontends is hard. No matter you’re from Ruby, PHP, Java, .NET or Python - we all meet here, you need to write Java
Say hello to React.js! It’s possible to rely on the work of one of the biggest players on the market - Facebook. There are more - Netflix, Airbnb, Yahoo! It’s possible to use the new version of JavaScript - called ECMAScript 2015. It comes with major syntax improvements, class syntax and more. And you’ll get a ton of support from people using it today in production builds - it’s the default for them. And you can use it today - it’ll work in your browser thanks to transpilers. It’s possible to learn a technology you need in a matter of hours, not weeks. I built my first production UI in React in 7 hours, without the previous experience in this technology. It’s possible to use focused tools - React takes care of only the view layer. Use what works best for your other frontend concerns - like AJAX calls, models and so on. It’s possible to use functional approach in your codebase, making features in a faster and more reliable way - without resorting to functional languages like ClojureScript. JavaScript is good enough to provide a lot useful functional idioms that are easy to grasp and makes you more productive.