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Arkency Academy

Anti IF course

Become the IF/ELSE conqueror in your projects. Safely and confidently refactor ugly ifs to new objects, methods.

Anti PR

Quality is important, reviews are important - but there are alternatives to Pull Requests
Thumbnail for course Blogging for busy programmers

Blogging for busy programmers

Do you think you are too busy for blogging? What if I tell you, you are not.
Thumbnail for course BOOK: Async Remote

BOOK: Async Remote

BOOK: Async Remote. Arkency Team and Robert Pankowecki

BOOK: Domain-Driven Rails

DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing
Thumbnail for course Domain-Driven Rails Video Course

Domain-Driven Rails Video Course

Domain-Driven Rails Video Course contains all the presentations and material we teach during our workshops.

Rails Architect MasterClass

Beyond The Rails Way

Rails Business Logic Masterclass

Beyond Callbacks, Concerns and Validations

Rails TDD Video class

The goal of the class is to teach you how to combine Rails with TDD.
Thumbnail for course React for backend developers

React for backend developers

Working with frontends is hard. No matter you’re from Ruby, PHP, Java, .NET or Python - we all meet here, you need to write Java

Read models on steroids

Boost Ruby on Rails performance with advanced read model techniques

The Responsible Programmer

Learn best practices for handling and preventing emergencies in production environments and become a trustworthy partner of your clients.