BOOK: Async Remote

BOOK: Async Remote. Arkency Team and Robert Pankowecki
**What’s in the book?** • How to provide business value to customers and be able to learn new things at work. Can you start learning frontend when you are a backend developer, or the other way around? • Small stories. What’s their value and what kind of problems do they solve? • How to deal with positive and negative risks that affect IT projects so that people are always working on the most important task right now. • The rule that makes programmers more effective at selecting next tasks. • Developers talking to clients and creating tickets. Trully collaborative nature of work. • The life without Project Managers. Can it exist? How can developers become more independent? • Over-communication. Why do you need to communicate differently when working remotely? • Continuous deployment. Step by step guidance. • Green Build. Must be. • Screencasts, as a way to share knowledge in company. • Communication tools, especially for remote workers. • Async Standups - how to. • And much more… **About authors:** **Robert Pankowecki** is Ruby on Rails developer, working remotely for more than four years. At Arkency he’s worked on number of web projects in collaboration with small startups as well as large corporations. The creator of active_reload library which made your Rails apps faster in development mode. **Andrzej Krzywda** is the CEO of Arkency. Working remotely since 2007 with over 10 years of experience in Ruby on Rails applications. The author of Fearless Refactoring: Rails Controllers ebook.